Theme park fun for Nan

Well done Sir.  

I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be if my daughter one day meets and marries a guy like this. 

Just had a long-arsed telephone conversation with a posh recruitment agency lady about job vacancies for a care unit manager and adult safeguarding lead for which she felt I was an ideal candidate.

The whole time we talked I was watching the fat Mexicans beating the shit out of things and wondering if my name would still be right up the tippy-top of her list if she knew.

"I’m not sure… but I think I might need to shit"

— 91yr old lady to me first thing this morning 

Me to daughter - "Check this shit"

Daughter - "Is that the dude from Deal or No Deal"?

Cold spaghetti moves.  Check it. 

"The Japanese language is, by far, the greatest barrier to communication ever created by man"

— ~ Oscar Wilde on Gift of the Mikado

Best Pre-Flight Announcement Ever